As passionate bonsai experts, we understand that each tree is unique and requires specific care to thrive.

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Bonsai Tree Care

Caring for a bonsai tree is a special art form that requires a bit more attention than traditional house plants. To keep your bonsai tree healthy and thriving, be sure to provide it with the proper amount of light and water, as well as proper pruning and soil care. With the right care and attention, your bonsai tree can bring years of beauty and tranquility to your home. Don't hesitate to reach out to the experts at Under The Tiny Tree for personalized advice on how to care for your bonsai tree.

Light is essential for the growth and development of your bonsai tree. Different tree species require varying amounts of light, and finding the right balance is crucial. Generally, it's best to place your bonsai tree in a well-lit area, but away from direct sunlight.

Watering is another crucial aspect of bonsai care. Over-watering can cause root rot, while under-watering can lead to dehydration and death. We recommend checking the soil regularly and watering only when it's dry to the touch. Be sure to give your tree the right amount of water, but not too much or too little.

Choosing the right soil for your bonsai tree is essential for its health and longevity. Bonsai trees require soil that provides the right balance of water retention and drainage. Our team can help you select the best soil for your tree and provide instructions for how to properly repot your tree.

Pruning is an important aspect of bonsai tree care. It helps to maintain the tree's shape and promote healthy growth. Our team can provide guidance on how and when to prune your bonsai tree, as well as which tools are best for the job.


Fuiken Tea

Carmona retusa, also known as the Fukien tea bonsai, in its "S" styled shape with tiny white flowers makes a great starter tree for any collector or gift. Depending on the culture or beliefs, a Fuiken tree symbolizes harmony and brings good luck.

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Bonsai Mint / Vicks Plant

Plectranthus are a Semi succulent in the mint and sage family. Some species are known as Bonsai Mint and Vicks plant. There are 350 species of Plectranthus and most originate from areas in Africa, Australia, India and Madagascar. Considered the healing plant.

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Red Anthurium - Flamingo Lily or Painters Pallette

The flamingo Lily is native to Colombia and Ecuador and is a tropical perennial of the Arum family. The flowers of the Anthurium are one of the most long-lasting blooms there are. It symbolizes abundance, happiness and inspires love. It’s heart shaped bloom stands for infinite love, bringing happiness and prosperity to a home and family. Although beautiful, they are toxic to pets and humans if ingested.

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Juniper Nana

The Juniper Nana is a low cover shrub (not “mallsai”) native to Japan. It is an outdoor tree and is considered the most popular tree for traditional bonsai. It symbolizes protection and purification of spirit.

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Chinese Privet

The Lingustrum or Chinese Privet is a type of shrub or tree that can be grown in many ways. Sot out for its unique flexibility with Bonsai styles and hardiness. The Lingustrum represents: Peace and Harmony.

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Ficus Tree w/ Aerial roots

The Ficus is among the most popular indoor bonsai tree species best for beginners. They are part of the genus family of mulberry plants. They can be found in almost every part around the world and are considered very suitable as an indoor bonsai. They represent: abundance and strength.

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Lavender Star

The Lavender Star tree is native to Africa and Australia. Also known as African Starbush and Buttonwood; this unique tree produces star shaped flowers that are about an 1” wide in hues of lavender. Easy to care for and with the right conditions will bloom well into the colder months. The Lavender Star also represents spiritual awakening.

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Dwarf Jade

The Dwarf Jade tree is unique, in its own way with its soft, fleshy leaves and woody stems. They are very expressive trees that will brighten anyone’s day. It is originally from the regions of South Africa and can be grown from cuttings. "The giving tree" - It is considered the tree of prosperity.

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Hawaiian Umbrella

The Hawaiian Umbrella tree is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity among practitioners of Feng Shui. It is believed to be able to capture negative energy and redistribute positive energy around a room. Not only a lucky tree, but it is also easy to care for.

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Repotting is an essential part of caring for your bonsai tree or succulent. With the proper repotting techniques, your plant can continue to grow and thrive in its new home. It's important to know when and how to repot your bonsai tree or succulent to prevent root-bound plants and promote growth.