Lavender Star

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Care Instructions

The Lavender star can be kept indoors during colder months and outdoors once temperature does not fall under 50ªF. It needs full sun or under a grow light at least 7 hrs. for maximum blooming, but can grow and be kept in partial shade. Although this tree is drought tolerant, it does require moist soil. Depending on where you keep your tree, ie: near heat vent or warm room; you’ll need to regularly check the level of moisture to acquire a watering schedule. Once you have established how much water it needs, the tree will be forgiving should you forget to water. A humidity tray is recommended as long as the tree is not sitting in puddles of water, as this will rot the roots.

Keeping the tree indoors can sometimes become tricky as heaters are turn on and windows closed, which can sometimes invite unwanted pests such as spider mites, mealy bugs and other common houseplant pests. I use a mixture of 1part Isopropyl Alcohol to 4 parts water and a two drops of dish soap (Dawn works best) to keep these pests under control.

Since your tree is trained to live in a small pot, you must provide it with nutrients that it would normally get if it was growing outdoors. It is necessary to replenish these nutrients for your tree to remain healthy and beautiful. A slow release fertilizer is best as it will provide the necessary nutrients for about 3 months. Misting the foliage once every 3weeks with a light mixture of organic vitamin solution will also help maintain the beauty of your tree.