Dwarf Jade

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Care Instructions

The dwarf Jade is regarded as an easy to care for indoor plant. Although it can be kept outdoors in full sun during warmer temperatures. The jade can tolerate some cold temperatures but nothing below 50° F. It requires a lot of sun light, full sun if possible or place it under a grow light for at least 8-9hrs. You know your jade tree is getting enough light when the tips get pinkish or red in color.

The Jade is amazing when it comes to watering, they are like succulents and can hold large amounts of water inside their leaves. Too much water and the branches will start to sag with the weight of water, too little water and the leaves will begin to curve slightly. This window of notification is very subtle and close attention must be kept to maintain a health tree. If you wait too long to notice, the water will rot the trunk and letting your tree dry out will cause it to shrivel up and leaves and branches will start to fall. Monitoring your tree closely for the first week or so will give you a guide of when to water. As keeping them indoors can be a bit tricky due to different heating systems in most homes. Once your tree is acclimated to its surroundings it will adjust accordingly from where it came from. (Greenhouse)

Feed your tree slow release pellets every 3 months, spring through fall – during growing season.

Trim the leaves as they start to grow to maintain your trees shape, or trim to re-shape forcing more branches to grow. When the tree is happy and healthy the branches and leaves will grow rather fast and the tree responds well to pruning. The more your cut the top the thicker your trunk will get.

The jade tree is tolerant when it comes to pests. As long as it is healthy, the tree will be less likely to get pests or diseases.