Red Anthurium - Flamingo Lily or Painters Pallette

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Care Instructions

Plant does not require direct sunlight, it can be near a sunny bright window or under a grow light for at least 6 hrs. Because this plant has been trained to grow in the lava rock, watering is easy.

Place rock in a pot of water and allow to sit for about 10 minutes. Remove from water and let it drain completely before placing back on its dish. Check the bottom of the rock often, at first, to see how your plant is acclimating to its new environment. Some homes have different heat systems and this can be a bit tricky for watering schedules. Once the bottom of the rock is dry, it is time to submerge once again.

Misting the roots with a little liquid fertilizer will help with continues blooms and growth. Feed once every two weeks with a light liquid fertilizer mix. 5:1

Once the flower or leaves look brown and dry they are ready to be removed. Removing any dead or yellowing will allow for more growth and flowers. They like being pruned.