Arboricola - Hawaiian Umbrella

Arboricola - Hawaiian Umbrella

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The Hawaiian Umbrella tree is considred a symbol of wealth and prosperity amoung practitioners of Feng Shui. It is believed to be able to capture negative energy and redistribute positive energy around a room. Not only a lucky tree, but it is also easy to care for. 

  • Full Description:

    Schefflera Arboricola – Hawaiian Umbrella is extremely hardly and a easy to care for both Bonsai new comers and experienced enthusiasts. This tree is known for its elaborate root systems and feeder roots, making a unique design.

    The Hawaiian Umbrella tree is a tropical tree native to Australia and Southeast Asia. In nature it is an evergreen shrub with thin trunks without much ramification. Scheffleras produce no hard wood and no rough bark. Wiring is not a promising technique for this species, but with constant pruning some taper and ramification can be achieved. Aerial roots are one of the unique designs of this tree and can add to the character of the Umbrella Bonsai tree. 

    Tree is potted in a imported white pot measuring; 10"x8"x4"apprx

    Plant measures: 15"T x 14"W

  • Care Instructions:


    Hawaiian Umbrella tree can be kept indoors or outside during warm weather. As with any Bonsai, cold temperatures below 10°C / 50°F; can harm the tree. It can be kept in low light, but ultimately for faster growth sunlight is recommended.


    Keep soil moist, although tree is very tolerant, moisture is important being careful not to over water or letting the tree completely dry out. In either case it will be very forgiving.

    Because of its dense canopy, this tree is susceptible to pests. Although it is not common, in some cases when kept indoors scale can occur. Use a specific oil based insecticide to clear.

    Use liquid fertilizer every week from spring to autumn and once a month in winter, regarding the dosing instruction. During summer you can also use solid organic fertilizer.

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