Fuiken Tea

Fuiken Tea

Carmona retusa, also known as the Fukien tea bonsai, in its "S" styled shape with tiny white flowers makes a great starter tree for any collector or gift. Depending on the culture or beliefs, a Fuiken tree symbolizes harmony and brings good luck.

  • Full Description:

    Imported Fukien Teas with styled trunk movement. This tree produces white blooms in April and May and in a well placed growing enviroment it can produce flowers all year round when properly fertilized. Tree prefers a full sun location with recommended humidity tray. 

    This tree is about 12yrs old. 

    Measures 13.5" tall x 12" wide.

    Potted in imported blue pot measuring 6"x8"

  • Care Instruction:


    The Fukien Tea can be kept outside in very warm weather, but placed indoor during colder months. Temperatures around 70 °F (20 °C) is optimal for it to thrive in, anything lower will compromise the tree. It needs lots of natural light, so place near a window. If outside during the summer, make sure you water more often and place under indirect sunlight.


    It is very important to keep your tree moist, not wet, so don’t overwater. Water generously once top soil gets dry making sure it drains completely before placing it back to its home. A humidity tray with gravel is recommended to keep moisture up during winter months when the heat systems are on.


    Organic solid slow-release fertilizer pellets work best for the Fukien Tea due to its sensitive roots. Liquid fertilizers can be used in carefully measured doses and must only be given on moist soil. Fertilize from Spring through Autumn and less often during winter months.

    This tree handles pruning well and regular trimming will make the tree grow dense branches.

    In unfavorable conditions the tree is susceptible to spider mites, scale and whiteflies. You can use insecticide sprays, but to avoid infestations, it is important to provide plenty of light and the right amount of moisture. Hard water can cause the leaves to brown and show signs of chlorosis, treat with an iron fertilizer. When trimming be careful to not leave any open wounds as this can cause fungal disease that can kill a single branch or the entire tree if not treated. Use cut paste to mend any open wounds. 

  • Return Policy:

    Our non - specimen Bonsai trees ship healthy and watered before shipping. We take extra care in packing so that your tree arrives safe. Please keep in mind that weather and shipping services have an impact on how the tree arrives. If you are not satisfied with your purchase or its arrival conditions, please contact us within 3 business days so that we can either refund or exchange your tree. Buyer is responsible for shipping return fees.

    Our refund policy is for damage during shipping ONLY. Photos of packaging damage and tree damage are required. Damaged trees will need to be shipped back at your expense. All packing materials, the box, and label will be needed to be picked up by the shipping company as part of the claim process.

    Refunds or replacements apply only to trees that have not been altered in any way, repotted or cut by purchaser. Any tree or plant that has been modified is nonrefundable.

    It is normal for trees to drop leaves, flowers and fruit during shipping. Photographs may show trees or plants in bloom, but we cannot guarantee that flowers or fruit will be in bloom once purchased, nor can we guarantee they don’t fall off during shipping. If leaves drop, or flowers are on their way out, new growth should re-sprout in a few weeks if the plant is kept in suitable condition.

    Most tropical plants and trees ideally should be grown outdoors in tropical climates or in a greenhouse. Though, it is possible to grow any plant indoors if the appropriate environment is provided.

    *Shipping fees are non refundable. We can only refund the value of the item purchased.

    Shipping tropicals in the winter can be risky if you are located in an area where temps are below 35°F ** shipping will be at your own risk.

    Contact us if you have any questions on shipping


  • Recommendations:

    Recommendations: Sold Separately

    Humidity Tray, Gravel, Snips, Slow release fertilizer