Juniper Nana

Juniper Nana

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The Juniper Nana is a low cover shrub (not “mallsai”) native to Japan. It is an outdoor tree and is considered the most popular tree for traditional bonsai.

  • Full Description:

    The Juniper Bonsai tree is very common and popular amoung Bonsai enthustist as the are also great for jin and shari or deadwood designs. The Juniper nana is considered a popular choice for cascade designs as well. It represents wisdom and strength. 

    Planbt measures: 6"x3.5"

    Imported pot: 3.5"x3"

  • Care Instructions:


    Keep your Juniper Nana outside in a sunny location. It requires lots of light. Keep soil moist but not soggy. Mist the leaves in the spring and summer once a day. Juniper do best in USDA hardiness zones 4-8 and can survive freezing temperatures. In areas with freezing winters special care is to be taken to cover the juniper from frost or can be left in a covered porch or garage.


    To check if soil is moist, insert a chop stick or wooden dowel and wait 15 minutes, if it comes out damp, you don’t have to water. Watering can be tricky but the Juniper Nana is forgiving and can bounce back rather quickly. To check if soil is moist, insert a chop stick or wooden dowel and wait 15 minutes, if it comes out damp, you don’t have to water.

    Fertilizing: Dilute a 20-20-20 chemical fertilizer to half strength biweekly during the spring and summer. Wait a month after root pruning or repotting before fertilizing.

    You can leaf prune in the spring and summer by pinching off needles with your fingers. Scissors are not recommended on juniper leaves since any cut needles will brown off. It is best to prune branches when you repot in the winter.

    Junipers, especially, are a favorite meal of spider mites. Usually you can spot webbing between the pine needles and yellowing of the leaves if spider mites are attacking your bonsai. Treat with Organic Neem Oil

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