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The beauty and therapeutic properties of trees allows us to immerse in a concept that we all have forgotten and should embrace. 

Being surrounded in Nature is scientifically proven to help improve our mental health and body; Eco-Therapy.


We all know that when we are feeling down, under the weather, or stressed we always tend to go for a walk, preferable in a quiet forest setting as in a park. 

A simple picnic under a tree or sitting still under a weeping willow brings peace and grounds us with the present.


We are all connected, not only with each other but with our surroundings. Just being in the presence of trees can improve your heart rate, blood pressure and overall feelings of wellbeing.


Living in the now, no running, no hiking or counting steps, only coexisting as one with nature will improve your mind, body and soul. 

Bonsais and humans share a history and have more in common than we think. Owning a Bonsai brings an intimate relationship that benefits not just your health, but your spiritual and emotional state of well-being.


Plants are known to purify the air we breathe. A Ficus tree indoors can reduce the pollutants in the room, while adding beauty to our surroundings.


Interaction with a Bonsai tree can reduce anxiety and stress. Bonsai trees are known to teach us patience and spiritual growth. As much as it is a practice of patience and perseverance, Bonsai is an art form. Just as yoga or meditation helps us “cultivate” an awareness of our own internal emotional reactions to the outside world; owning and caring for a Bonsai helps our confidence grow, just as a tree grows. 


Bonsai trees can live for hundreds of years, but it needs care and patience to survive. It is a daily reminder that all things must be nurtured regularly in-order for them to exist; including ourselves. 


We lose so much in each busy day that we forget that we need nurturing too. We make excuses, procrastinate and numb our minds just to escape. A Bonsai tree can ground us a little each day bringing us back to what is important and you begin to shine that light back into your life and broaden your world.


With a little patience and knowledge, we invite you to expand your horizon and share or take the journey to grow a family heirloom or send a meaningful gift for a special occasion. The gift of a Bonsai is a reminder that with love and care, all things will grow strong and resilient.



"There is something about dwarfed trees that speaks to the human soul. Bonsai are so much more than just a houseplant." - BONSAI AND THE WRITER’S MUSE ~ Cedar Sanderson

Paperbark Maple - Acer Griseum

A deciduous tree with soft green leaves that turn scarlet red in the fall.  As it ages, its bark begins to peel revealing its new cinnamon-brown bark. This tree was part of a private collection. Estimated to be around 85 years old. We acquired it in March of 2021.


Bougainvillea 'Moneth' 

Evergreen, native to South America, a genus of thorny ornamental bush and trees belonging to the Nyctaginaceae family. Several different species ranging in several colors. The most popular being purple or dark vibrant pink to the very rare, dark yellow to salmon color.  They also come in white and are sometimes grafted to show double colors in bloom. This was also from a collection acquired in April of 2022, said to be around 78 years old.


Blue Moss Cypress - Chamaecyparis pisifera 

Semi dwarf coniferous tree that is slow growing. Typically growing 5 to 6’ in 10 years in nature. This specimen tree was acquired in June of 2021 and is estimated to be around 95 years old. It is one of our oldest trees.  The soft blue-green foliage is showy and holds its color well through winter. The peeling reddish bark adds to the majestic features of this tree. It is said that the Blue Cypress promotes grounding and stability. Just looking into its branches is calming and relaxing.

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